Thursday, August 6, 2015

Month of July Rewind

 photo 400july_zpsw4mlcvsv.jpg
(Artwork: Kelsey Garrity Riley)

As always, I have a ton more photos on my Facebook Page.

A lot of these photos had to be taken through the windows because of the humidity fogging up the lens. (Which is understandable around here. That's a Texas summer for ya).

The result of this are photos that aren't so great.  photo resent_zps6a8ab5f1.gif

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo 023_500_zpskr25mg3d.jpg

 photo 010_600_zpsrfahlxtj.jpg

Our huge group of hummers are down to about three now. The rest have moved on.

Probably away from this wretched heat!  photo heat.gif

 photo 029_500cr_zpsp7lobsov.jpg

Been seeing lots of dragonflies lately. They always come around in July. I LOVE them!!!!

Back when we lived in Burton I saw hundreds of them - literally - flying over the fields. It was such a new, surreal experience for someone that lived in suburbia all her life.  photo yes_zps9de84a81.gif

 photo 031_600_zpsew0hufpn.jpg

 photo 034_600_zpsdcqwuwyf.jpg

Those little specks are dragonflies.

 photo 006_600_zpsspjce2ab.jpg

 photo breakfast_600cr_zpsd0r0ntns.jpg

The dogs quietly begging for breakfast. Aren't they sweet?

 photo 050_600_zpsgbd6gdwm.jpg

 photo 020_600_zpsv2egq5cc.jpg

Gotta feed the little ones. (And we have PLENTY of spiders around here. Too many to be perfectly honest. You can't take one step without several of at least the tiny ones crawling about. The insects are out of control this summer).

 photo roadrunner_500_zps6flvc975.jpg

This roadrunner has been hanging out on our property for a while. Awesome!!!

I wonder if this is its hunting spot? It would get a good vantage point up there to see all the lizards. (And we have LOTS of them. I think that's probably what brings the snakes around the most).

 photo 009_600_zps5ru27rwd.jpg

 photo fave toy_zpsszbesn59.jpg

This is Abby's newest favorite toy. It came from the children's toy section.  photo tongue.gif She loves it so much because it's interactive. (When you pull the string it vibrates).

 photo 012_600_zps2g0oppgu.jpg

 photo abigail_500_zpsz5cwodpt.jpg

I finally got around to getting Abby a sling carrier. She loves it! She even started falling asleep in it.

 photo 013_600_zpsme8yxuax.jpg

 photo 021_600_zpsmmexdf3z.jpg

Please, Neighbor, CUT YOUR GRASS and BRING BACK THE COWS!!!  photo girl_cray2_zps29ca0968.gif (The tall grass is probably what brought two snakes around recently. Two of our neighbors' acreage is in desperate need of mowing).

 photo 002_600_zpsq7n8uuup.jpg

Photos can't show how GINORMOUS this stick bug was. I've seen a lot of big one's here, but this one.... a dinosaur.

 photo 014_600_zpsw7wpssuj.jpg

 photo 003_600_zpscbhjovx3.jpg

I was surprised to see a stinger on this thing. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before.

Or maybe it just looks like a stinger?

 photo 052_600_zps4dpaftrf.jpg

I can hear babies in the bluebird house again!

 photo 007_600_zpseh2epxj6.jpg

 photo susan branch_july_zpsopusd8js.jpg
(Artwork: Susan Branch)

 photo 011_600_zpsril7zul2.jpg

Been seeing a few frogs around here lately.

There are a couple of little one's that love our tomato plants in particular.

 photo 005_600_zpsw9fcjapq.jpg

 photo 003_600_zpsey2rm2k7.jpg

The wasps around here are so mean! They - and the bees - love to chase us. Little Abby is terrified of them.

 photo 004_600_zpsex6cgzic.jpg

One of our trees is finally growing, but its poor leaves are always drooping in this heat. It's hanging in there though! I talk to it everyday.

 photo 003_600_zpschcifnk3.jpg

 photo 004_600_zpsr0mytqge.jpg

Another foggy morning, sans the neighbors cows. (Insert Crying Jag). I really miss the sight of the cattle.

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo 600mm_zpsqljsioxv.jpg

Fourth of July Weekend out here was pretty dull, unless you're a crow that enjoys a rare treat of watermelon!

 photo v024_450_zpszabjch3v.jpg

 photo 010_600_zpsvm5omned.jpg

 photo 031_600_zpscb0cb60z.jpg

 photo 008_600_zpswryrnveb.jpg

 photo 026_600_zpsj8hjovjb.jpg

 photo 029_600_zpskzjmsr2c.jpg

 photo 001_600_zpsbjp1smnw.jpg

Dear old Dad... with Mom's pink BB-gun in hand and wearing her Mickey Mouse shirt..... waiting for a snake to come out from around the water barrel.

Hilarious! I can't make this stuff up.  photo tongue-1_zps5b99a56b.png

Luckily, we think the snake was a harmless one and we never saw it again. (For the record, I'm against killing the non-poisonous snakes even though I'm terrified of them all).

 photo v022_450_zpsychi2bvw.jpg

 photo 033_600_zpssar2fja7.jpg

 photo v006_450_zps2jyaflco.jpg

FYI: It took about a month for me to write this post. WHY do I bother when no one sees it?  photo scratch_zps3adfc319.gif

 photo ttfn_zps37edc331.png

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