Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oh So Sunny September

 photo claire fletcher_september_zpskqmf5ksz.jpg
(Artwork: Claire Fletcher)

Well if it isn't 2,000 degrees out there again.  photo heat.gif

Everyone in the blogosphere keeps talking about how fall is so near. My jealousy over it makes me want to have a tantrum a la The Incredible Hulk, but instead of going ballistic I just crank up the AC and enjoy a warm cup of Orange Spice tea.

I also imagine that there are fall colors on the trees outside. (Because to see them I have to imagine them. It's either that or watching The Goonie's on dvd. The fall foliage that you see in that movie always takes my breath away).

When fall finally does arrive on my doorstep it'll be November, and it'll be sporadic at best, but I'll take it. Anything is better than this heat coupled with humidity.

 photo humidity_zpsymvfzxee.jpg
A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.  photo gah_zpse0ab7888.gif

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo 025_600_zpsi2j0j9tp.jpg

 photo 010_600_zpslkkacpwz.jpg

 photo 004_600_zpsbujz5e0r.jpg

 photo 002_600_zpssos1a1ka.jpg

Last week these sweet little flowers started blooming next to the barn. I don't know what they are, but they completely close up in the afternoon.

 photo 014_600_zps5m1gnrwl.jpg

I guess Froggy isn't afraid of heights.

 photo 022_600_zps1rpjcgtp.jpg

 photo 007_600_zpsndafk1ky.jpg

 photo 008_600_zps5vstgdsw.jpg

 photo 003_600_zpscm54inow.jpg

 photo 019_600_zpsegnckzba.jpg

I was so surprised to see more morning glories popping up.

And pardon the ugly brown grass. It's been fried for months now, thanks to the sun and heat. (And I do mean FRIED. It crunches when you walk on it).

 photo hay_zpspp8yfxyt.jpg

 photo 016_600t_zpsehhulxpw.jpg

 photo 018_600_zpsaodwleka.jpg

Can you make out the little hummer on the branch?

 photo 005_600_zpsyfgtxuyu.jpg

My little shadow that likes to follow (and trip) me. I don't know why, but he's always weaving inside my legs while I walk. It's either that, or he darts out of the flower bed and runs far ahead of me.

 photo 004_600_zpsgjgr8xsz.jpg

These white flowers are growing all over the field. The other morning I woke up and they were just there.

 photo v 006_400_zpscccmo8sx.jpg

 photo 003_600_zps4momtq55.jpg

 photo 016_600_zps2xs4wdvw.jpg

Hummingbird flying away.

 photo 024_600_zpsgo1pxnyz.jpg

 photo sleeping_500_zpsniwkz9dd.jpg

Toby Tyler taking refuge from a rain shower. (Whenever it rains just a little bit, he hides inside his house. The rest of the time he tosses the house around the patio like it's a toy).

 photo 014_600_zpsvfkpsuhc.jpg

Hummer on the fence one morning.

 photo 023_600_zps99dugzbv.jpg

We've had more hummers returning now that the season is winding down.

When they first came in the spring the maximum number of hummers that we saw was 15. Over the past few weeks the most we've seen is 10, but on average there will be 8.

 photo text_zps5ybagkas.jpg

This is what happens if you have your texting app on microphone when you're around people and the radio is on. Photobucket It's funnier than auto-correct.

 photo 004_600_zpszmi7eghb.jpg

 photo 026_600_zpsq2z2smxl.jpg

This one "baby" cow is always lying down. Always.

 photo fairy houses_600_zpsrfcd3qfp.jpg

All my fairy houses to date. (I forgot to turn on the lantern to the tree).

 photo 013_600_zpsa0pvb0iw.jpg

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo zzt_zps6iofdvcx.jpg

ZZ Top performed in our county last weekend! (About 15 minutes from my house. It was at the fairgrounds there. For months now people have been advertising it on their cars. Lol!)

History was made because for the first time ever their song "La Grange" was performed in La Grange.

We didn't go because we knew how crazy it would be. They had buses of people coming in from Houston and Austin, so it was a huge crowd.



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  1. Oh boy, I know just what you mean about the heat and humidity and waiting patiently for November to arrive...tho our Autumn is short-lived....I'll take it!!! This past summer, so long, and so brutal here in Texas.

    Love your shadow [tripper]. Adorable.

    And your humming bird images are beautiful.

    The fog, the livestock, the toad/frog, the flowers and the kitty and not to forget your fairy so sweet.

    Oh and by the way, I think that blue wildflower is a it and see what you think. Thanks, Kristin, for sharing your post with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

    1. You were absolutely correct. I googled it and it's definitely a dayflower, so thank you for that. I'm so glad to finally know its name.


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