Sunday, November 29, 2015

Farewell, November

 photo disney tgiving_zpsir5ay4mm.jpg

Our Thanksgiving, spent at Grandma's in College Station, was humid and rainy. Not very holiday-ish or good for traveling in.

The next day was the same, but then on Saturday the weather became so COLD! It reached 45 degrees, but it felt like 36 or 39. Goodness it was so wonderful!!!!!

My brother and SIL were at our house that day - (having arrived late Friday to spend the night) - but there wasn't anything fun to do together. The rain took care of that, but even more so... there just isn't anything to do in these parts. No malls, chain stores, restaurants, etc.

FYI: Tractor Supply's "Black Friday" sale was only 20% off. Lol! (Even so, my mother said it was packed). Life out here really can be a little weird.

A few weeks ago I put up the Christmas decorations inside the house, and this week we started putting up some of the outdoor decor.

Our Christmas tree, oddly enough, isn't up yet... which is a first around here.
 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

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 photo 026_600_zpsptcdbg5v.jpg

 photo 037_600_zps4mzytyjq.jpg

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 photo 008_600_zps6pw3axji.jpg

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 photo 040_600_zpsi0divfh7.jpg

 photo 009_600_zps9pghaqhr.jpg

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 photo 042_600t_zps7olivsmr.jpg


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- The other day my mother saw the strangest thing with the neighbor's bull. It was constantly bathing "Hugs" the donkey. (99% of the time that bull keeps to himself. He doesn't really graze very close to the rest of the cattle, so this sudden interest in the donkey is highly unusual).

I wish I got it on film, but I didn't see it.

Also, one day this week Mom saw the white-faced cow scamper like the little calves do when they play. She only did it for a few seconds. I think it might have been a little cool that morning, so if so I guess the cooler temps made her a little frisky.

- Why in the heck do I even have a blog when no one really sees it to begin with? I fail miserably at blog pimping because it feels so superficial.

- Round Top (pop. 90) finally got it's first stop light. Lol!

- While the photos above were all taken on Saturday, these next photos are from earlier in the week.

- I know it's difficult to see, but there are deer in the first photo.

 photo 018_600_zpsfakxo66t.jpg

 photo 001_600_zpspb0hirmo.jpg

 photo 029_600_zpsfatihrk7.jpg

 photo 015_500v_zpsk5kxk4kt.jpg

We had a small freeze one night, which was unexpected. (Although the next day it was warm again).

 photo 028_600_zpsnu5mis8i.jpg

 photo 019_600_zpsikbplauq.jpg


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Sunday, November 22, 2015

November Deer Visitors

 photo 450_zpsnelczjc7.jpg
(Artwork: Susan Branch)

I cannot believe it's already the end of November. Why does time fly by so much faster the older we get? I feel like a time traveler.

As always, here are more pics and video. As you will see in one video, it looks like that beautiful buck is looking for a mate!

We've had loads of deer visitors lately. The most deer we've seen so far are 7 or 8. One morning, at 3 am, there was a deer hanging out at our gazebo. Mom even saw two bucks fighting the other day while she was out walking, and the other morning one of the deer fussed at Maddie barking. Lol! (I wish I was there to hear it. I haven't a clue what they sound like). Also, when my mother was putting out some deer corn for them tonight she could hear them talking to her.

We haven't put the deer corn out since last winter, so I'm hoping to catch them on the game camera tonight.

 photo susan branch_line_zpsztuxulsj.jpg

 photo 011_600_zps8mrwc79o.jpg

 photo 7 deer_600cl_zpsxbepxjmv.jpg

The above pic looks really bright, but it was actually very DARK when I took it.

 photo 001_600_zpsybfphquw.jpg

 photo 023_600_zpscfajdn1m.jpg

 photo 001_600_zpsmlirksmc.jpg

 photo 014_600_zpsnerrxstb.jpg

 photo 002_600_zpscggrxicz.jpg

 photo 006_600cl_zpsvhsxe03n.jpg

 photo 025_600_zps8xbsqbvy.jpg

 photo 008_600_zpsb0hopu5r.jpg

 photo 005_600_zpsczj1slbg.jpg

 photo 008_455v_zpsuxdwgknq.jpg

 photo 004_600_zpskkrlpklh.jpg

 photo 007_600_zpsn8xjhqsy.jpg

 photo 024_600_zpsc2sdwwal.jpg

I forgot to mention that we finally learned the neighbor's dog's real name. We've always called him "Buddy," but it turns out he has the same name as our other neighbor's dog... "Jax."

Isn't that strange?

I really love that dog. Every time he sees that we're outside, he comes running to the fence to say Hello. And the other day, while I was out in the barn looking for some Christmas stuff, he stood by the fence and just watched me the entire time.

 photo 002_600_zpsvxopayvz.jpg

 photo 012_600_zpsl0bk6xco.jpg

 photo 003_600_zpsxt2o6fwu.jpg

 photo buck 555cl_zpsomo2einj.jpg

 photo 011_600cr_zpswxytful3.jpg

 photo 004_600_zpst0zbmz5v.jpg

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo Dance of Autumn by Kuoma 400_zpshpnrehco.jpg

I never got around to joining CC the other day, so if interested click HERE to see more deer in that post. (Well, one deer walking around in the early morning fog).

Lately I've been really surprised at how brave the deer are becoming. They used to be so skittish, but lately they don't seem to mind us.