Friday, November 20, 2015

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2014

 photo 600 xms classic_zps9pjej3f2.jpg
(Artwork: E.H. Shepard)

This time last year my mother and I were partying at Disney World. (I believe we left on the 18th and flew back home on the 22nd. The post I made after I returned home can be viewed HERE). Other members of my family have visited Disney during the holidays before, but that was my first time.

This was my 12th trip to Disney World, and it was e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y crowded while we were there. (When is Disney World NOT crowded these days? It's crazy crowds year round now). I was really excited about the trip because I had just gotten a new camera and couldn't wait to take photos of all the decorations. When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom my excitement over taking photos burst into overdrive.

Actually, forget overdrive. It was more like ludicrous speed in the Spaceballs movie. Photobucket

Unfortunately, because of the crowds, it was impossible to take nice photos. It just wasn't going to happen, and because I was so disappointed with how my pictures turned out... to this day I've only edited less than half of them.

Bust still... Christmas is coming and I've ignored this batch of Disney pics for a year now, so I decided it was time to at least edit the photos that had Christmas decorations in them.

New Fantasyland was AWESOME, by the way!!!! It did not disappoint.

 photo candycaneline2_zpsna0srukr.gif

 photo 634_600ov_zpskiqsqpdj.jpg

 photo 586_600_zpssxscidnx.jpg

 photo 332_600_zpsbhruuzd5.jpg

 photo 674_500v_zpsyxc0y1gp.jpg

 photo 509_600_zpshr4ndstm.jpg

 photo 099_600_zps7h28tqxo.jpg

 photo 326_600_zpshczjaadx.jpg

 photo 527_600_zpsdvtgwbpe.jpg

 photo 556_500v_zpstsetonhb.jpg

 photo 655_600_zpsyhb4yuuk.jpg

 photo 670_600_zps8o4az46c.jpg

 photo 093_600_zpscchdg0go.jpg

 photo 616_500v_zpsinoe2byv.jpg

 photo 324_600_zpsxfusglyd.jpg

 photo 412_600_zpsp3dyvlvj.jpg

 photo 804_600_zpst2olrjqp.jpg

 photo 619_600cr_zpsqp3agxpg.jpg

 photo 323_600_zps8lakiud6.jpg

 photo 519_600_zpsa72ogjma.jpg

 photo 806_600_zpsp73zgvmm.jpg

 photo 690_500v_zpsursazxcz.jpg

 photo 374_600_zpsbuoyy1hy.jpg

 photo 808_600_zpszzqrucce.jpg

 photo 635_500v_zpsgllit9qd.jpg

 photo 685_600_zpse8g6tabm.jpg

 photo 676_600_zpskv6cdl8h.jpg

 photo 802_600cr_zpstmotvuuq.jpg

 photo 327_600_zpsvh2ktbvc.jpg

 photo 620_600_zpsj1lhuxjg.jpg

 photo 322_600_zpstli9i57a.jpg

 photo 416_600_zps945pz1r9.jpg

 photo 321_600_zpsipvczyki.jpg

 photo 194_500_zpsqgtfnph8.jpg

 photo 671_600_zpsezeu6nsf.jpg

 photo 371t_600_zpssebrsxot.jpg

 photo 410_600_zpspzouhxyz.jpg

 photo 612_500v_zpslodqfz9n.jpg

 photo 654_600_zpsqx4dvpzo.jpg

 photo 810_600_zpsy09cz7nm.jpg

 photo 664_600cr_zps6ojdjyue.jpg

 photo 529_500v_zps5fld5y9i.jpg

 photo 369t_600_zpszej0swy1.jpg

 photo 803_600cr_zpsnxqpaliu.jpg

 photo ttfn_yellow_zps48e0d46f.png

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