Saturday, December 12, 2015

82 Degrees Christmastime

 photo thang 400b_zpsbiafsbfv.jpg

While the weather doesn't feel very Christmasy just now... seeing how it's been in the 80's these past few days... inside the house there's no question that it's Christmastime.

So without further ado here's Photos Post # 1 (of probably 6 total posts which no one will even see) of our Christmas decorations this year.

 photo berries_susan branch_zpsifo7dxem.jpg

 photo 015_600_zpsu59knuzf.jpg

 photo 004_600_zps6qlqjckm.jpg

 photo 023_400v_zpsnl5pdy8w.jpg

It drives me nuts that we don't have anything really large to place on the mantle that's Christmasy!

I'm going to have to remedy that next year.

 photo 048_600_zpsh5fha6vj.jpg

 photo 032_600_zpsjpzraaqf.jpg

 photo 071_500v_zpskxnevbs4.jpg

 photo 025_600_zpsocuorzbo.jpg

 photo 026_400v_zpsy1tglv6n.jpg

 photo 009_600_zpsgcph0nry.jpg

 photo 047_600_zps28qdxmrh.jpg

I love our wreath! I got the idea from Pinterest.

All we had to do was add the owl, and then the ribbon after sewing on the little bells. I think it's so cute.

 photo 007_400v_zpsaxgtllt8.jpg

 photo 050_600_zpsvoik2hm4.jpg

 photo 046_600_zpsgsfwoz4m.jpg

 photo 027_400v_zpseq1fttpe.jpg

(Artwork: Papaya and Susan Branch)


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