Monday, December 21, 2015

A Countryside Christmas

 photo mice snow_zpsckaenzyj.jpg
(Artwork: Veronica Vasylenko)

This is another illustration that I love. I think those little mice are so sweet! (Not that the mice around here are so charming, and I can say for certain that living down here they aren't wearing any winter clothes to keep warm). I can only imagine what it feels like to be able to create worlds like that with the strokes of a paintbrush.

In my next life I definitely want to be an artist!  photo paint.gif

Do ya hear that, bearded guy in the fancy red suit?  photo eve.gif Apart from it actually being cold this Christmas, which it definitely won't be thanks to this guy...

 photo e3-1.gif

...that's my Christmas Wish.  photo xtree.gif  photo rudolph2.gif

But enough dreaming and babbling, because it's time to post the last batch of my Christmas photos of the decor around here.

 photo lights_susan branch_zpsxncmhhvy.jpg

 photo 008_600_zpskvrcafxh.jpg

 photo 016_600_zpsfsxthlfy.jpg

 photo 007_600_zpsyx1wo6pa.jpg

 photo 072_500v_zpsaj1dh4ah.jpg

 photo 060_600_zpsznhuuyql.jpg

 photo 039_600_zpsmqxstgqv.jpg

 photo 021_600_zpsybdgb9es.jpg

 photo 038_400v_zps24op2auh.jpg

 photo 057_600_zpsgribcmfa.jpg

 photo 054_500v_zpsfdx4bakm.jpg

I love this lasso/antler wreath. Just like with the Owl wreath on the front door, I got the idea from Pinterest and then Mom made it.

We wanted to change the red ribbon to a burlap one, but never got around to it.

 photo 024_600_zpsfvfqnsb8.jpg

 photo 008_400v_zpse4xffw0s.jpg

 photo 062_600_zpsrac9fujs.jpg

 photo 014_600_zpshu6uzrt3.jpg

 photo 044_500v_zpsimafhylb.jpg

 photo 022_600_zpssuhscihk.jpg

 photo 024_600_zps8og9d3j2.jpg

 photo 046_500v_zpsyddaqmvu.jpg

 photo 052_600_zpsraqtpcb3.jpg

 photo 035_600_zpshywvyveh.jpg

 photo ttfn_green_zpsf431359e.png

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  1. I am enjoying the posts of your Christmas decor. The puppies with the stockings are just adorable!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! and a wonderful New Year!


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