Monday, December 14, 2015

Festive Trimmings

 photo santa reindeer_365_zpsrtjfmwsi.jpg
 photo MerryInTheWinter_zpse3m3yxri.jpg

I love this illustration of Santa with his reindeer! I only wish I knew who the artist was. (I found in on Pinterest a while back and it wasn't credited as far as I could tell).

The quote and berries art is by Susan Branch... naturally. Her sweet artwork is so easy to spot.

On to more photos of the Christmas Decorations, part 3!

 photo berries_susan branch_zpsifo7dxem.jpg

 photo 025_600_zpsajalpmei.jpg

 photo 007_600br_zpsxmsodzkx.jpg

 photo 029_400v_zpszto2f8qe.jpg

 photo 026_600cr_zps9a33fs3o.jpg

 photo 010_600_zpsi1qrdvti.jpg

 photo 021_450v_zpskdtgqtkz.jpg

 photo 049_600_zpswpjrentj.jpg

 photo 011_600cl_zpstfgklq99.jpg

I hope it isn't noticeable, but in this pic I had to erase my wallpaper border. (Because after uploading it to the computer I noticed that it's beginning to come off the wall in the corner).

To quote Charlie Brown:  photo aaugh_zps7kkx6rou.jpg

 photo 005_600_zpsoz6x4dh1.jpg

 photo 043_400v_zpsnrre6cbz.jpg

 photo 056_600_zpsqvpi3o2z.jpg

 photo 056_600_zpshzoeceb6.jpg

 photo 074_600_zps3epwuwxo.jpg

 photo rdeer 400v_br_zpsrmswy8oo.jpg

 photo 034_600_zpskopstvux.jpg

 photo 053_600_zpsnog3epyv.jpg

 photo 049_500v_zpswexzln32.jpg


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