Friday, December 18, 2015

Getting Ready for Santa?

 photo gr_365_zpsagxhvvux.jpg
(Artwork: Papaya)

I must once again confess that I'm fully aware of how some of these photos look like the dog's breakfast. I could go back and try to edit them better, but Photobucket has been loading very s-l-o-w-l-y for me lately.

This fact, coupled with the irrefutable reality that no one even looks at this blog... (since I suck so badly at blog pimping).... tells me that editing them a second time just isn't worth it.

Imagination is key here.

 photo lines-044_zpsav40s18l.gif

 photo 011_600_zpssdbvkdtt.jpg

 photo 001_600_zpsfizjdmvn.jpg

 photo 018_600_zpsj6ewjevp.jpg

 photo 071_400v_zpsvskrkvq6.jpg

 photo 030_600cr_zps4iwha4m7.jpg

Okay... so this photo is pretty lousy - and the lasso wreath my mother made isn't on the fence yet - but I post this only because I love the Christmas Sign on our gate.

 photo 006_600_zpszc7izgf8.jpg

 photo 072_600_zpsmieuewg6.jpg

 photo 092_400v_zpsx4kkuajq.jpg

 photo 002_600_zpsosotewkw.jpg

 photo 071_600_zpsefvivymx.jpg

 photo 001_600_zpsxvpwaup1.jpg

 photo 006_600_zpsxouardyw.jpg

 photo 065_400v_zps6z5p8xu0.jpg

 photo 009_600_zpsvy98u6ev.jpg

 photo 007_600_zpsn3oqgpu3.jpg

 photo 036_600_zpspyjt21f4.jpg

 photo 097_400v_zpss6negobq.jpg

 photo 014_600_zpst7xxkym7.jpg

 photo 040_600_zpskx6p9jig.jpg

 photo 009_600_zpskfhg1p2p.jpg

 photo 094_600_zpsdueq1aav.jpg

 photo 028_400v_zps8evtxy5a.jpg

 photo ttfn_yellow_zps48e0d46f.png

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