Monday, December 28, 2015

The Holiday Madness is Over

 photo sb santa_zps9uokpekj.jpg
(Artwork: Susan Branch)

Christmas has come and gone, although it really didn't feel like Christmas to me.

On Christmas Eve people came to our house and my brother and SIL (with their two dogs) spent the night. It was a rather humid and downcast day. I also wasn't feeling too well, but... that's been going on since October. It's my new normal.

One (sort of?) funny thing happened though. My father came up to me the other day, handing over a few presents for me to wrap for my mother. After placing one of them on the floor, he laughed and said "She's been asking me for one of these for years." (Or so he thought).

Well what do you think this clever Christmas gift was? In a million years you would NEVER guess, so I'll just say it now.

A machete.

 photo byxrevolutions.png  photo 2Pepe-_byportusicons.png  photo bydandeliondust_fail.png

Um, yeah. I was completely speechless. Nothing says "Happy Nightmare Before Christmas" better than a razor-sharp machete with a serrated edge.

I never thought anyone could beat my grandmother's husband's Christmas gifts from a few years ago, but I was wrong. While it's true that drawing pencils (for someone who doesn't even draw), McDonald's coupons, a pad of paper, and a bag of erasers is a ludicrous gift at anytime of the year, at least your limbs will remain in tact should you drop one on your foot!

Anyway, I wound up taking more Christmas photos than planned, so here are the last batch of them.

 photo berries_susan branch_zpsifo7dxem.jpg

 photo 1_zps1jzy7hoh.jpg

 photo 2_zps5omirguk.jpg

A very foggy Christmas Eve Morning.

 photo 3_zpsudvmkpdn.jpg

 photo 4_zpsu1iqdwvz.jpg

 photo 5_zpsoktq51q0.jpg

 photo 6_zpsbbo3bfel.jpg

 photo 6t_zpsua0uriyb.jpg

My brother's dogs, "Beans" and "Crunchy."

 photo 7_zpsfp9sy8nr.jpg

 photo shelf 600_zpshmfjsacn.jpg

I wish the quality of this pic was better, but I had to share it because I added little silver bells to my strand of snowflakes.

 photo 9_zpsexbonnca.jpg

 photo 8_zpsmvjcsumy.jpg

The story behind this Rudolph plate can be read HERE.

 photo 10_zpstzi2siqt.jpg

 photo 11_zpso53z6nie.jpg

 photo 12_zpsjmbh3anl.jpg

 photo 13_zpswacyhwop.jpg

 photo 14_zps0vafhuzr.jpg

 photo 14t_zps95zs8irl.jpg

 photo 15_zps3dapk4gr.jpg

Abby LOVES this Rudolph toy because it talks. Abby loves any toy that's interactive.

 photo 16_zpsvhazuqvy.jpg

Pardon that one stake leaning.

We've had A LOT of rain around here these past couple months, so everything's sinking into the ground.

 photo 17_zpse8cgydqt.jpg

 photo snowflakes 600_zpstyieklkj.jpg

 photo 18_zpstykrupy5.jpg

 photo 19_zpsgrrobm2j.jpg

 photo 20_zpstnw3nhab.jpg

 photo 21_zpspntixtyg.jpg

A very happy Maddie Kate, because we have guests and she got a new rabbit toy from Santa!

 photo lights_susan branch_zpsxncmhhvy.jpg
 photo owl_zpst3zghiy1.jpg photo owls stockings_zpswdqqwnur.jpg
(Artwork: Veronica Vasylenko)

These next pics are fuzzy because I took them with some fun Christmas 3D glasses in front of the camera lens.

I love those glasses, especially the snowmen ones because when you shake the glasses it looks like the snowmen are dancing. It's so cute!

 photo 22_zps3kflff76.jpg

 photo 23_zpsc5lmv1xa.jpg

 photo snow.gif  photo flakes_zpsmlqxydhh.png  photo sn_man.gif

 photo 24_zps52q1vkpp.jpg

 photo 25_zpsepsi9qnq.jpg

 photo lines-044_zpsav40s18l.gif

 photo xms videos_zpsgp3oaxxc.png

 photo santa 325_zpsvxukxalp.jpg

 photo trees_zpsbublushx.jpg

If you pay close attention you can see a rabbit along the treeline.

FYI: Last year I made a blog post with all the links to my 2013 and 2014 Christmastime Posts.

If interested, it can be found HERE.


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