Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our First Fox Visitor

 photo girl_zpspqk71vkn.png

Lately I've taken loads of photos and video, so here's Batch #1. (Mostly of the birds and squirrels).

Can you believe we finally had our first FOX visitor? We think it's female, so we've named her "Maid Marian." (From Disney's Robin Hood).

 photo romantic.jpg
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 photo 1_zpsyzzwrzpm.jpg

At least three squirrels were out that day. It amazes me that the birds aren't afraid of them at all.

 photo 2_zpsyzttzz0y.jpg

I have much better video of our fox, but I'll share that in Friday morning's post. This video was it's first visit.

I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

 photo 002_600_zpssxqmiqok.jpg

 photo bird2_600_zpsza8ohog6.jpg

 photo crow and squirrel_600_zps7h3kifg4.jpg

A Squirrel and Crow sharing Real Estate.

 photo 5_zpszrak6vjg.jpg

Can you believe these spider webs?! It's creepy, but pretty at the same time.

 photo 6_zpslbvpgarv.jpg

 photo 7_zpsjmqxpdun.jpg

One of our MANY bluebirds, peeping through the window as I do some ironing.

 photo 8_zpsom8npzsc.jpg

A new species of bird for us. (I think it's a meadowlark).

 photo 9_zps8aomzoao.jpg

 photo 4_zpslmg2rixg.jpg

 photo b1_600_zps90aahl6z.jpg

 photo 001_600_zpskctvunbv.jpg

The bird on the gardening pot reminds me of a Marjolein Bastin painting.

 photo 10_zpsttz6arr6.jpg

 photo 11_zpsq4jrbynh.jpg

 photo 12_zpsgyud4y8b.jpg

I love the little bird on the watering can!

 photo 13_zpsaaxcngfx.jpg

 photo 14_zpsznkjuskb.jpg

 photo 15_zpslb0znvgq.jpg

 photo 16_zpsmlirtlit.jpg

 photo 17_zpsl0ztldd3.jpg

 photo 006_600_zpsaegku0xc.jpg

 photo 003_600_zpshoh3uomt.jpg

 photo 18_zpse03olosa.jpg

 photo 19_zps9a7rqklj.jpg

 photo ttfn_green_zpsf431359e.png

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  1. You have such wonderful visitors, all the ones I have. I am impressed with your Stealthcam. My Moultrie broke, they replaced it with another brand and it is awful quality.
    Wonderful critters. You donkey is cute!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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