Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 Valentine's Decor

 photo 1val_tudor_zps395d133d.jpg
(Artwork: Tasha Tudor)

Not that I expect anyone to see these, but here are some photos of the decorating I did for Valentine's Day.

A few of the little touches I created myself. (While it hasn't been cold for a while now, at least it isn't 100 degrees anymore. Thanks to that I FINALLY got around to using the craft building again).

 photo b2_zpsipnmzson.png

 photo 1_zps2luyyqet.jpg

 photo 2_zps3pwzk7uz.jpg

 photo inside_600_zpsveiuwlzq.jpg

 photo 3_zpsftx1z814.jpg

 photo 3t_zpsc5jauebe.jpg

 photo val1_600_zpseeal3lvu.jpg

 photo 4_zpskpxirld9.jpg

 photo card2_600_zpsf82nuhnh.jpg

 photo 5_zps1okbmhse.jpg

 photo 6_zpscabt6an6.jpg

 photo 7_zpshdmigddm.jpg

 photo 7t_zpsdkykby0d.jpg

 photo 8_zpsfoixhn8r.jpg

 photo 9_zpsdekywkqr.jpg

 photo card_600_zps0lmbpd9o.jpg

 photo val3_600_zpsynrux4x1.jpg

 photo 10_zpsvh66cqg0.jpg

 photo 10t_zpsefjwzo2p.jpg

 photo 11_zpsncw13tme.jpg

 photo 12_zps6q48je2x.jpg

 photo 13_zpsjgijypga.jpg

 photo 13t_zpsucdn02ux.jpg

 photo 14_zps9oqkkdxd.jpg

 photo 15_zpsvmopx9rv.jpg

 photo 15t_zpsiwxmfuyk.jpg

 photo 16_zpsn6agbfxc.jpg

 photo 17_zpsotcknyb5.jpg

 photo 18_zps2byetarf.jpg

 photo 18t_zpstoz3ni4o.jpg

 photo inside2_600_zpsq7c0y0k8.jpg

 photo 19_zpsylfldmna.jpg

 photo 20_zpsdpdgaav9.jpg

 photo 21_zpsmkb7b1d8.jpg


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