Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Spoonful of Sugar and Surprises at Sunrise

 photo ill_zpsvaqndmk5.jpg

Little Abby was feeling under the weather yesterday.

This meant there was a lot of cuddling followed by hours and hours of her napping underneath my bed. Fortunately, she seems to be a lot better today.

And speaking of today, here are some of the outdoor happenings from this morning. Notice the pretty buck with the gorgeous antlers?

FYI: The white-faced calf seems to have adopted the other Mama as it's Mom. I don't think her birth mother's milk ever came in, so I guess that's why she's been following the other mother around.

As always, the larger versions of the pics are on Facebook. I wish they looked better, but I had to zoom in quite a bit.

 photo roselabel-sweetlyscrapped_500_zps88qfbyki.png

 photo deer and cattle 2_600_zpsedwfyytk.jpg

 photo sunrise1_600_zps69fb4f6n.jpg

 photo deer and cattle_600_zpsro5sdl0t.jpg

 photo b4_zpsunzpecry.png

These are from sunrise a couple days ago:

The pics aren't too good quality because they're taken from the video, but I loved seeing THREE bucks at once!

 photo 2_600_zpsrl1awi8b.jpg

 photo 1_600_zpsbfuc53xd.jpg

 photo 3_600_zpsy7ushdsd.jpg

 photo 4_600_zpssjq9dzpj.jpg


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