Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just because....

 photo chickens_zps1vbdjgw2.jpg

I decided to just go ahead and post lots of photos and a few videos today.

I'll probably share photos/vids of the neighbor's new baby calves tomorrow. So far there are two of the little cutie-pies, one of which has a white face just like it's Mama!

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One of the squirrels calls this Home Sweet Home.

It reminds me of an illustration from one of the Brambly Hedge Books.

 photo 6_zpshxk1rjvs.jpg

 photo 7_zpsqyfy0wmd.jpg

 photo 7t_zpsfx0seqg2.jpg

 photo 8_zpsyxekphrx.jpg

I'm really going to miss Buddy (his real name is "Jax," just like our other neighbor's dog) when he and his master move this month. He's the best neighbor we've ever had.

The other day I went walking just to say hello to him. Up close he is one BIG dog and boy was he sweet. I wish I could keep him!

 photo 9_zpshfzvhndu.jpg

 photo 10_zpshanqorpc.jpg

 photo 10t_zpsa3yvudmu.jpg

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 photo mama and baby_600_zps1mt7ha2s.jpg

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  1. beautiful pictures. the cardinal is pretty. it looks so calm there.


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