Friday, March 11, 2016

Rainy March and Frolicking Babies

 photo march 1_zps3uhnpmoy.jpg
(Artwork: Tasha Tudor)

I've gone walking a few times lately, and so far the neighbor's cattle have given birth to 3 babies.

The weather hasn't been very pleasant seeing how summer is nearing, but at least the bluebonnets are beginning to bloom and Texas Antiques Week is about to start!

 photo 600div_zps8ca1a62b.png

 photo 1c_zpszfj3inmk.jpg

One of the neighbor's bulls, and then the rest of his cows, didn't seem to trust me. I guess they prefer watching the cars rather than people.

FYI: This is a different neighbor, which explains why the cows aren't comfortable. They're not used to seeing people walking by... and then talking to them. How could I NOT be neighborly by chatting it up with them?

 photo 2c_zpseicddwc6.jpg

One of the first Indian Paintbrush flowers in our yard.

 photo 3c_zpsi5rf814c.jpg

More distrust. This cow distrusted me so much that, even though I was on the other side of the road, it left it's comfortable, quiet, shady nook it was resting in. (I did feel bad about that).

 photo p4_600_zpsqwpe2igf.jpg

 photo 4c_zps9a3jboko.jpg

I want so badly to make fairy houses out of these. Unfortunately, this acreage belongs to two brothers that haven't even built on it yet. (Then there's the problem of an electric fence, but fence or no fence... I'd never trespass but it IS tempting!)

 photo 5c_zpsmmxqmivz.jpg

One of the neighbor's bluebonnets. (I have no idea why this picture - and a few others - turned out like this. I must have messed up the default settings somehow).

It looks like the neighbor that’s moving is renting his house to a friend, and that Buddy is staying… at least for now.

Cue the ‘Hoorays’ because I LOVE this dog!

Even our other neighbor - the one with the cows I'm always taking pictures of - says he’s going to miss him. (Oddly enough, his dog has the same name. Buddy’s real name is “Jax”). He’s just like us in that he says he’d love to have that dog as his own.

His only caveat is that Buddy/Jax is too sociable and trusting. He fears he’d escape too easily.

 photo p1_600_zpsvi5gybsd.jpg

 photo 6c_zpsgli7rau5.jpg

Those four heifers behind the fence are new. (One of them is white-faced). Our neighbor hasn't introduced them to the rest of the herd yet because they've been really skittish.

 photo p2_600_zpsrthdvusq.jpg

 photo lunch_600_zpse6g4uyhd.jpg

 photo white calf_600_zpswdrpkf2l.jpg

Our first white calf!!!!!!

I can only guess this one is from one of the new heifers, seeing how the neighbor’s bull isn’t white. It sure looks big for a baby though.

 photo cola1_600_zpskrusifko.jpg

 photo b2_600_zpsu8yie9gk.jpg

 photo bird_600_zpskmr1vkyd.jpg

These birds always follow the cattle, but this one the other day was inseparable. (Maybe it was from being shut inside the house due to two days of nonstop rain - of which little Abby was sick the, poor dear - but I found this stalking bird really humorous).

 photo p3_600_zpsjuex6f4c.jpg

 photo c1_600_zpsjvs5vacm.jpg

 photo b1_600_zps0vjqfip6.jpg

 photo c2_600_zpsw9oxubon.jpg

 photo m1_600_zps8lz6k2tm.jpg


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