Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Springtime Babies and Birthdays

 photo swing_zpskodf9fej.jpg
(Artwork: Tasha Tudor)

It appears that the bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush aren't the only beautiful things from nature beginning to pop up along the countryside, because so far there are two new baby calves frolicking in the neighbor's pasture.

Our neighbor told us that two more calves are expected to be born any day now, and that the white-faced cow that just gave birth hasn't really been taking care of her baby because she isn't so smart. (The other Mama cow has been taking care of it a lot more). He also said she was one of his first cows, so she's more like a pet than anything.

He also told us that when he sold one of his cows a while back that "Hugs" (the donkey) was NOT happy and she was very vocal about it.

Earlier this week he brought home 4 new heifers. They were really skittish, so he's been taking his time letting them out with the rest of the herd.

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 photo calves with mom_600_zpsirjh2w2p.jpg

 photo curious_600_zps9u6qxmye.jpg

 photo patience 2_ 600_zpsseupsz0h.jpg

 photo babies_600_zpsi2efhffb.jpg

 photo squirrel and bird_600_zpsvoauqhhq.jpg

 photo mom and newborn2_600_zpsrpgguer0.jpg

 photo squirrel and birds_600_zpsncjy9rf9.jpg

 photo mama and newborn_600_zpslqiwsqzh.jpg

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 photo mom and newborn_600_zpstuqfbnft.jpg

 photo two babies_600_zpsst4saw17.jpg

 photo b4_zpsunzpecry.png

Bath Time! Photobucket
(Everybody Neat and Pretty? Does this mean "Hugs the donkey is the alpha of the herd, even over the bull? I wonder if they take turns?)

 photo morning bath 3_600_zpsokmsyncl.jpg

 photo morning bath 1_600_zpsovxjtv43.jpg

 photo morning bath 2_600_zpsx62toyyy.jpg

 photo b3_zpsxzp8lhgg.png

 photo hb_zpsb2uf9kic.png
 photo birthday_600_zpscwghbacr.png

Today is my nephew and Dad's birthday! (Also Texas Independence Day/Sam Houston's Birthday).

I still can't believe my nephew is 21. HOW did that happen? (In my mind he's still that sweet little boy singing and dancing to Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain).

FYI: The audio and video quality is poor because I re-filmed it, from the tv, with my digital camera on a tripod.

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