Thursday, March 31, 2016

The New Neighbors

 photo country_sb_zpsiiinugw5.jpg
(Artwork: Susan Branch)

This entry I started to post a while back but our internet is limited and it's been disappearing fast.

I think they've been cheating us out of our allotted time for the past two months, so we're going to try to switch to someone else. It's just kind of hard because out here e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is pretty limited/slim pickings.

But anyway, the neighbors now have another newborn calf! It was born March 18th, the day after Saint Patrick's Day.

I pretty much saw it just as it was born, and oh boy was it cute how CURIOUS some of the cows were. The donkey, two Mama cows, and then one of the babies came right up to them.

It was like watching Disney's Bambi cartoon.

 photo b3_zpsxzp8lhgg.png

 photo 1_zpsawlm1kyc.jpg

 photo 2_zpstdulafab.jpg

 photo 3_zpsnjj6ltbl.jpg

 photo 4_zpshqi1nyzc.jpg

When the new baby was born, the bull watched in the distance.

Update: The new heifers and babies (brown and white) joined the herd on Easter Sunday!

 photo 6_zpspwpwks3p.jpg

 photo 7_zpsl2y4jyj9.jpg

 photo 8_zps6papjxts.jpg

 photo 9_zpsg4os6vw4.jpg

 photo 11_zpswrypmvp7.jpg

 photo 12_zps3f8gjepc.jpg

 photo 13_zpsnoqzjmr0.jpg

 photo 14_zpszauftibl.jpg

 photo 5_zpsbch3l1mf.jpg

 photo mamas_600_zps6yumlhsx.jpg

 photo b4_zpsunzpecry.png

Just a few pics from the Antique Show as well as the bluebonnets.

I only wish the pics were of better quality. I think I've messed up the cameras settings somehow.

 photo f2_600_zpsilk8ynf3.jpg

 photo ftn_600_zpskzr9ep9d.jpg

 photo JG Dad_zpscgphyyub.jpg

That's the Junk Gypsie's Dad in the cowboy hat. I was just filming the sights at the antique show in Round Top when... there he is.

We also saw him at Tractor Supply the other day. We've seen his daughters and granddaughter a few times, too. It's kind of weird seeing people from tv in real life, yet at the same time it feels so normal.

 photo f3_600_zpsv03ax3bo.jpg

 photo deer_600_zpsm7bsr1bm.jpg

 photo f4_600_zps0nlndq4j.jpg

 photo bb_600_zpsebhmhp1y.jpg

 photo b4_zpsunzpecry.png

And more photos and vids... just because.

 photo foggy sunrise_600_zpskleq6yqv.jpg

 photo guard_600_zps9zzmjfqr.jpg
Lately the bull has looked like he's guarding the one cow that hasn't yet given birth. He usually has nothing to do with the herd, so it's unusual behavior.

 photo beans_600cr_zps9pb88095.jpg

My brother's dog looves the water!

 photo foggy sunrise 2_600_zps9plqvayt.jpg

 photo sq_600_zpsqwj86rwe.jpg

 photo vultures 2_600_zpsmps6u1nm.jpg

 photo neighbors_600_zpsbbglnp7b.jpg

 photo foggy sunrise 5_600_zpsskecdjdj.jpg

 photo bull_500v_zpsbbw3n0vh.jpg

 photo morning_600_zps3disdwrh.jpg

 photo foggy sunrise 4_600_zpswg1jiplw.jpg

 photo bull and babies_600_zpsktm7ufbe.jpg

Papa Bull and two of his kids.

 photo vultures_600_zpssavap8sl.jpg

 photo sq 2_600_zpsgtje5ivy.jpg

 photo foggy sunrise 3_600_zpscmhzgfgc.jpg

 photo babies2_600_zpstsntqjf4.jpg

 photo bull and baby_600_zpsspvolis6.jpg

We still don't know how one of the neighbor's older white-faced cows died. (She was one of his first cows and more like a pet, so it's pretty sad).

Her baby (our first white-faced) hasn't been seen since, so... I have no idea what happened. I do worry about what happened to it.

 photo ttfn_yellow_zps48e0d46f.png

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