Sunday, October 30, 2016

Have a Holly Jolly Halloween!

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What's going on here? It’s Halloween Eve and there are Christmas movies airing on Hallmark right now. Didn’t we get enough of that this summer?

Where are all the ghost specials… It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown…. The Canterville Ghost….  Arsenic and Old Lace... and my personal favorite, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?
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But still.... Mama didn't raise a liar so I confess that I’ve been sucked into leaving it on the Hallmark channel today as I do chores around the house. It was a choice between grating-on-my-nerves politics, or watching a sappy Hallmark Christmas movies marathon with snooze-fest leading men.

Sorry Christmas Hallmark lovers. I really don’t think all their movies are like that, but that’s just been my viewing experience overall. (Why can’t all their leading men be like Warren Christie when he was in “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?”)  And in addition to that, those little Folgers coffee cameos in each movie I find a bit distracting. 

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 (Looks like Lucy Van Pelt was right about all that commercialism racket).

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I wonder how that makes wannabe actors feel. Think about it. Wouldn’t you be upset if your acting aspirations for being in a Folgers commercial were carelessly tossed aside as you were being replaced by the red plastic tub of Folgers coffee itself?  Humans need not apply.  (Well, unless you're one of the Hallmark actor regulars).

I bet those aspiring actors felt how the first astronauts did when they sent a chimp up into space instead.
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But what I DO enjoy the most about the Hallmark Christmas movies are the holiday decorations. I often find myself fast forwarding through parts of the movies just to see those scenes decked out with Christmas bling.

My favorite so far is “A Royal Christmas.”  (I wish I could find screen caps of the decorations). I especially loved how all the little businesses were decorated at the end; the pretty teal and red colors with all that crisp white snow… gorgeous! Especially the snow.  (Does snow count as decoration?)
So… the never ending sappy Christmas Fest has won. Now where the hell is the hot cocoa?  photo cocoa.png

Enough Christmas rambling. I still haven’t forgotten that tomorrow is Halloween. There are no bags of Halloween candy in our house, so the closest ‘Halloween Experience’ I have in my hands right now is perusing old Halloween blog posts and posting Halloween graphics.

Sad, I know. It's sad, but at least I'm being honest.
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Santa is watching after all.

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  1. I get caught up in Hallmark's Christmas movies every year and I agree, they have their flaws. Watching them somehow puts me in the Christmas spirit, though!

  2. Ohhh yes, I love the Hallmark Ch. films, for the decorations!!!!! I ohhhh and ahhhhh over them. -gigggles- My poor husband, he has to listen to this. :-))))

    But not yet. I am still into The Dark of the Moon (Oct. 30th) and Samhain Oct. 31st), or as others call it, Halloween. :-) It's a wonderful time, to plan on ridding one's life, of things which are not the best, for us. And beginning anew. I like that idea.

    Samhain blessings, to you!

    Luna Crone

  3. Delightful post ~ fun photos and thoughts ~ No Halloween here either ~ cept for spirits feeling closer ~

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^


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