Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another Disney-ish October!

 photo 400 hph.jpg
(Artwork: Susan Wheeler)

Here is part 2 of my pics, and a few videos, from this past October.

As always, it was very Disney-esque.  Even in October, it's a little fairy tale-ish around here because of all the critters.
Perhaps we should have called our humble abode "Disney Hollow" instead of "Crick Hollow." 
FYI: Photobucket has been a brat lately, so I've been uploading my larger-sized photos to Flickr.  (Not huge, but bigger than what I have here on my blog). 
All my albums can be viewed HERE 
I've already uploaded 993 photos and am getting paranoid about going over the free 1TB storage limit.  I'm so afraid they won't notify me first.  It still says I've used 0.0% of the 1TB limit... or < 1% of 1TB... so I guess I'm safe for now.

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The neighbor sold "Zorro" the bull and all of his old cattle - the only cattle we've ever seen there, since before we even built our house - so that's sad. But I have to say that these new, young cattle are FRISKY! It's so strange and fun seeing adult cows run and play each night like the calves do.

I think he kept a few of the latest calves by the way.

My SADDEST realization though is I think he gave "Hugs" the donkey away, too. I haven't seen her at all. "Hugs" was bottle-fed by them as a baby, so I'm shocked they gave her up. My guess is she was close to one of the cows, so she went with them. We have been told before that she kind of sulked and was angry with them when they gave away her favorite cow.

 photo 14.jpg

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 photo 17.jpg
I cannot wait until we choose the colors and paint the house.  It looks like a band-aid.

 photo 18.jpg

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 photo 22.jpg

 photo 23.jpg

These were the STRANGEST ribbon-like clouds. They formed out of nowhere, one-by-one and would elongate. One of them even formed a loop at the end; like a hangman's noose. 
  photo loop.jpg
See what I mean?  Isn't that just plain weird?  (FYI: I had to take the above pic as a snapshot from the video).  I really don't think these were from planes.  

 photo 24.jpg

 photo 25.jpg

 photo 26.jpg

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 photo 28.jpg
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And FYI, if anyone with a WordPress blog comments, I'm sorry I can't reply back.  For whatever reason WP won't let me in just now.  I signed up for WP last month but for 2 weeks now it won't accept my password.  (WHAT is it with me and computers lately?  Nothing cooperates or simply crashes).



  1. Excellent shots! Such sweet critters. I enjoyed watching the fluttering butterflies.

  2. Spider webs! Don't they make the most lovely photo ops?!?

    Your home. Would love to see peeks inside. :-) Have you done some, in your blog? And if so, do you have a label, for them?

    Yes, I love to see peeks, inside blogger's homes. :-)))

    Oh and that first illustration... Love it! Happy to find another illustrator, of this type of picture.

    Gentle November hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. The only pics I really take of the inside have been at Christmastime. (And really only the tiny living room). Our last house, in The Woodlands/Spring area, was beautiful and large with extremely high ceilings. The staircase was winding and had a gallery. (I MISS living in a 2-story). The only bad thing about that house was we never got around to replacing the carpet, and then the neighborhood. (It was a gated community, but there were problems with crime). I desperately miss that house, and this tiny one we live in now... not a fan. I just don't like being so boxed in with no "segue" if-you-will between rooms. It's very claustrophobic. There are a lot of upgrades we wish to do, so until then I pretty much only stick to taking photos of the outdoors. But anyway... since I almost lost everything, and on two computers, lately I've been slowly uploading photos to Flickr. It'll mainly be outdoor stuff though.

  3. Thanks so much for your recent visit and comment on my photo blog, much appreciated. I am happy to be back blogging and have just enjoyed a lovely catch up here.

  4. Nov. 8

    Dear Kristin, thank you for your comment on my blog today/Monday. Thank you very, very much.

    I wanted to reply privately, to you, but you are a "no reply" blogger and don't have your email addy on your Profile Page. Which is perfectly fine. It's just that I can't contact you. :-)

    But my email addy is on my Profile Page, so if you will please write to me??? Please and thank you.


    Luna Crone

  5. Are you an illustrator? I like how you "see" when you take these photographs.

    1. Goodness do I wish! I have always said that my #1 desire is to possess the talents of being a children's illustrator. Unfortunately, that talent went to my siblings... whom do nothing with that talent. (An introvert like me working from home at something like that would be heavenly. I can only imagine). Perhaps in my next life it'll happen.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it.


  6. Lovely variety of photos. I really like the birds and webs.

  7. Hi Kristin. I enjoyed both posts .. this and the newer one above with the videos and photos. You have so much to enjoy and we are getting cold here. I use my blogger account to post comments on blogger blogs as I have a wordpress blog. I am sorry for all your trouble. I was running out of room on my blog so I went and made many photos smaller in file size. Still working on it on my wordpress blog.. Michelle


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