Monday, November 28, 2016

Thankgiving Weekend

 photo gretchen ellen powers_tgiving.jpg
(Artwork: Gretchen Ellen Powers)

These are just some pics I took over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

I still cannot believe we don't have our Christmas tree up yet. We have pretty much everything else out, but not the pretty tree.

I think we'll get it out tonight and then start decorating it tomorrow.

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo 1.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

 photo 3.jpg

The neighbor's new donkeys, "Hershey" and "Pedro" now have two donkey friends living next door. (We discovered them there the night after Thanksgiving I believe).

Well, it's a mule and a donkey. (The white one looks to be a mule). Already they're very interested in each other. I often find "Hershey" and "Pedro" taking turns being submissive, by rolling in the grass. Lol! They all spend a lot time near the fence now.

Even the cattle and baby calf have been curious concerning the new neighbors. (The house still seems to be empty).
 photo 4.jpg

 photo 5.jpg

 photo 6.jpg

"Hershey" and "Pedro" have us trained well. Whenever they see us in the back, they stroll up to the fence to be fed their carrots.

What's hilarious is that the other day they saw me just draw the curtain aside to look out the window, and immediately they strolled up to the fence and patiently waited for us to feed them. I thought that quite funny.

 photo 7.jpg

 photo 8.jpg

We need to name these two. My mother is thinking of calling them "Anna" and "Elsa," but we haven't really given it much thought yet.

I haven't introduced myself to them yet.

 photo 9.jpg

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 10t.jpg

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 12.jpg

 photo 13.png

The other day there were lots of lady bugs crawling on the house. (Well, 4 or 5 of them; mainly brown. I don't think I've ever seen a brown one before now).

I wanted to get good pics of them, but the camera was misbehaving and then the red one flew away.

 photo 14.jpg

 photo 15.jpg

 photo 16.jpg

 photo b4_zpsunzpecry.png

 photo video ch_fall.png

 photo kr_fall.png


  1. Hello, to your new "neighbors"!!!! :-)

    Wondering, why does that man, have these donkeys? They don't "do" anything, around a farm, I don't think. So does he just love donkeys? And have them, almost as pets? :-)

    Early winter hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Well, the one neighbor's first donkey ("Hugs") was bottle-fed as a baby so she was sort of a pet to him. He recently sold all his old stock, including "Hugs," which surprised me. (My guess is she went with the cattle. "Hugs" pretty much considered herself as one of them and wasn't very affectionate with people. The neighbor actually said she sulked and was upset with him after he sold one of her favorite cows, so I'm guessing she went with them because of that. We haven't asked him though). For the most part though donkeys are popular because they're excellent at keeping the snakes and coyotes away and are GREAT watch dogs. They also help keep the grass in the pastures cut. (I think that's probably why the other neighbors have put donkeys on their property as well. No one has rented the house yet, so I think it's been convenient for them having the donkey and mule there to keep the grass cut. It's only 2 or 3 acres, so I'm sure it's beneficial to the property). Also, people have cattle, etc for Ag Exemptions. That's usually the #1 reasoning behind it. I would certainly do it if we had more acreage.


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