Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmastime is Here

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(Artwork: Brian Paterson)

It's been an eventful day for one of the mules next door.

Early this morning my mother found the white mule in the neighbor's pasture. The poor thing was scratched up on her nose and chest from the barb wire fence. Our guess is that the neighbor's dog must have gotten out again and spooked the mule. (We really don't know if that's true but one of his dogs was barking this morning and it does escape a lot). The neighbor has been told about it, but so far no one's heard back from them.

The mule seems okay though, considering. I can tell she's not happy, but she seems okay because she took some carrots earlier. She's been standing near her own field all day. She's definitely waiting to be sent back.

As I type the cattle are all lined up next to our fence, lying down and enjoying the sunshine. We've had many RAINY days here this weekend, so they are loving soaking in all that sun.

But enough news about Crick Hollow...

Here are my first batch of photos of our Christmas Decorations. The tree is finally done, so I might take pics of it sometime. (Or not, seeing how it looks the same as last year's photos. I did update my previous post though, with a pic of one of our newer ornaments we bought yesterday. It's one of Chip and Dale. It's so adorable! I'm also going to add two vids to the post).

The photos in this post are just the little Christmas scenes I made on one of my bookshelves.

FYI: If my page ever looks awful it's because I'm experimenting with my various Christmas headers and wallpapers. I also might occasionally add Christmas music to the sidebar. You have to click on the video to hear it though. It isn't automatic because I like to give people the option of either listening to it or not.

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  1. Yes, your blog reflects the Season.

    Poor donkey. Miserable dog.

    Lots of pretty decorations.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone


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