Saturday, December 17, 2016

Preparing for Jack Frost's Arrival

 photo 500_snow.jpg
(Artwork: Brian Paterson)
 photo anticipation.png

I decided to change the Christmas decor on my shelves a little. I also took down some of the Christmas decor because quite frankly it was driving me nuts.

It was just a few things, but I figure I might as well move it now instead of later when everyone comes for Christmas.

This house is too small for a lot of people, let alone all the decorations taking up space. When everyone comes it'll have to be moved anyway. I'm just thinking ahead.

 photo 1.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

 photo 3.jpg

 photo 4.jpg

I got this little vintage Santa cup at "Whistle-Stop" Antiques the other day. (It's really small, so I put a tealight in it).

Not that I need anymore Christmas decorations. I just couldn't resist.

 photo 5.jpg

This sign has lights on the wreath, but I didn't bother turning them on since they really weren't showing up in the photo.

I almost didn't get to take a photo at all since a wasp was trying to sting me. (There are always wasps on our front and back porch).

 photo 6.jpg

 photo 7.jpg

 photo 8.jpg

 photo 9.jpg

I can't decide which snowman to use with the glitter house. I was trying to pack away the one with the tree - that was originally on my dresser - but then I thought it fit well with the glitter house.

Still, I like the other snowman too but I think I'll go with the one with the tree.

 photo 10.jpg

Unfortunately, the Santa sign on the gate fell off and the snowman sign is halfway there.

There's a Merry Christmas sign and wreath between them too, but I couldn't for the life of me get a photo of them today. The sun was blaring behind them so brightly that getting a photo that wasn't dark was impossible.

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 12.jpg

 photo stringa_625.png

 photo donkey.jpg
(Artwork: Unknown)

 photo frost.png

It reached 78 degrees today, but tomorrow it's supposed to be the coldest day we've had yet.

Can you believe the high will be 39 and the low 27? I'm looking forward to it, but I do worry about the livestock out here. The good news is I noticed that at least two of our neighbors have been feeding their livestock well, to help them keep warm when the temperature drops. (I just wish the neighbor behind us had a barn for his animals. I don't know why he doesn't use the one he has for them. Fortunately, the mules next door have one that they use when it gets too cold and is raining).

Because tomorrow it will be too cold for the dogs to play outside, we did a lot of that today. (Especially Abby and one of my brother's dogs).

We're dog sitting my brother and SIL's dogs again. This time my brother and SIL are in Costa Rica for a week.

 photo beansters_450.jpg

 photo 13.jpg

Maddie's new hobby is donkey watching. (And vice versa).

 photo 14.jpg

 photo bales_450.jpg

The mules have been eating all day, so that's good. Hopefully it'll help keep them warm once Jack Frost visits.

 photo 15.jpg

 photo 16.jpg

The other day there were literally HUNDREDS of lady bugs on our house, and then getting inside the house.

I later saw on Facebook that at the nearby "Jersey Barnyard," they had the same thing happen. I guess ladybugs migrate.

 photo beansters 2_449.jpg

Please pardon the color of the new deck. We still haven't stained it, but I am so HAPPY with it! It is h-u-g-e!

And ever since my brother's dogs arrived, one of them ("Beans," pictured above) is obsessed with playing ball only on the deck.

 photo 18.jpg

Every day the donkeys - and even the mules - beg for carrots from us. "Pedro" (the gray donkey) has finally learned to bray. I guess "Hershey" will be next.

He sure does TRY though! It's really cute.

 photo 17.jpg

One thing I've learned about donkeys is that they HATE the rain. (I know it's hard to see, but it was raining in this pic). The neighbor's other donkey, "Hugs," hated the rain too. She always looked so miserable in it, like Eeyore.

 photo jack frost evening.jpg

 photo lines-044_zpsav40s18l.gif

 photo chv_holly.png
 photo squirrel.jpg
(Artwork: Peter Cross)

Okay, when I looked up the weather timeline earlier it stated that the cold temps will arrive at around midnight.
It is now only 8:30 and it is freezing!!!!!!! It's freezing and windy as hell.  photo winter_zpscc2a7c6f.gif

Little Izzy is not happy. She's a pommie with 2 or 3 coats of fur and out of all our dogs she's the one that hates the cold.

Maddie on the other hand l-o-v-e-s cold weather. (Even rain or really high summer temps she doesn't mind). Abby either tolerates the cold or is oblivious.

 photo seuss 2.png

I feel really bad for the livestock and other critters out there. I know they have a miserable night and day ahead of them. Thank Heavens I put food out today for the birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer. (I only hope I didn't wait too long).
But I must say..... if it's gonna be freezing can't we at least get some snow just ONE TIME?  photo snow.gif

 photo stringa_625.png

 photo upd.png

 photo 425.jpg

Brrr, it's cold!

And I L-O-V-E it... so long as I can stay warm and cozy indoors.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, that little mouse, lighting the candle!!!!! Oh mercy how precious!!!!!!! I have one, with a little mouse reading, beneath the candle light. But yours is cuter. :-)))))))

    Enjoy your cold!!!!!!!!! :-)

    We still have snow, although it is warmer now, and raining. Which isn't going to "be pretty" tonight, when it freezes back up. Seeeee, when you get tooooooo much wanting snow, remember what comes with it, sometimes. ,-)

    Only 3 days to Yule/Winter Solstice!!!!! And then, just 3 more days, till Christmas Eve. What a magical week!!!!!!

    Coming Yule/Christmas blessings,
    Luna Crone

  2. The little mouse is actually a Christmas ornament, but I love it so much I keep it in my room all year long. (It looks more whimsical than Christmasy).

    For myself, I wish the cold would last longer. For the critters, I hope it warms up. (Last I looked it was 26 degrees).

  3. If the red ladybugs are there then they're fine but if they are yellow...those are beetles and they bite.

    1. Thank you for telling me. I didn't know if they were good or bad and I definitely didn't know they could bite!

      A few weeks ago I found a yellow one on one of our rose trees, but lately I'm only seeing the brown and red ones.


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