Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday

 photo boots600.jpg

Since I mentioned that Izzy's 10th birthday was yesterday, I remembered that I never mentioned our other birthday girl on my blog.

Back in November Maddie Kate Scarlett O'Hara had her 14th birthday, and it wasn't until a few days AFTER her birthday that I remembered she just had one. (November 13th; the same birthday as my favorite actor! Scottish actor Gerard Butler).

We felt so guilty, but in the end I think Maddie Kate forgave her stupid, forgetful humans because we showered her with even more compliments than what is the norm.

 photo maddie_bday.png

Which to be honest is actually pathetic because on a daily basis we spoil her with compliments. Maddie LOVES for us to tell her how pretty she is.

Every single day she will sit in front of me, smile, and wait for me to start gushing over her beauty. She insists that I tell her she's prettiest furkid in all the land.

 photo madde1_zpsf6b0616f.jpg

But can you blame her?

She IS a pretty gal. And SMART! She really, truly is one intelligent furkid.

 photo 600div_zps8ca1a62b.png

 photo sb17_500.png
The Super Bowl is in Houston again, and to that I say..... WHO THE HECK CARES?!  photo meh_40_zpseqxfenlt.png

For the people that are actually there though, the weather has been LOVELY the past 2 or 3 days. It finally got cold, although next week it's supposed to climb back into the 80's.

I'm really glad we live closer to the Austin area these days. (Not that I particularly care for Austin, but can you imagine the crowds in Houston right now?) I'm really not a huge fan of Houston, although I did grow up there.

I mean sure, there's NASA but I haven't been there in a long time. (Word to the Wise: Space Ice Cream is nothing like regular ice cream. Do yourself a favor and just say no). I seem to recall going there for a field trip in High School, and when they were little we took my niece and nephew once but we didn't stay long. I visited a few times as a kid, but I don't really remember those times that well.

Unless NASA has updated things over the years, there's not much to see. One thing I do remember is one of the rockets outside. That thing was h-u-g-e and I have to say it was pretty darn impressive seeing that up so close.

 photo 600.jpg

The above photo I found online. That might be the same rocket I saw back then because the colors do match, but I'm not 100 certain. It was a long time ago.

 photo heart gold.png

 photo random_val.png

 photo dinner.jpg

I took these through the window, so they are pretty darn poor in quality.

I tried lightening them up as best I could, but unfortunately.... they are what they are and I'm posting them anyway.

 photo 0.jpg

 photo 1.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

 photo 4.jpg

 photo 3.jpg



  1. Belated Happy Birthday to beeeeeeutiful Maddie!!!!!

    Love the boots and the rug, in that first picture of her.

    I don't care about the Super Bowl either! This year, I especially don't care about the Lady Gaga Half Time show. Or the Bud add, about their founder. Hell, he was a LEGAL immigrant... Like ALL our ancestors were!!! Don't use him, to moan-and-cry over illegal immigrants today!

    Anyway, my husband always goes next door, to watch part of it, with son and family. The little boys love it, because it's the one day, out of the year, when they can eat chips in the family room!!! ,-)

    Beautiful moon shot!!!!!!!!!

    I always have something "decadent" to eat myself, here. On Super Bowl day. Something out of the ordinary. Onion dip today. :-))))) And one of the Hallmark Ch. must have movies!!! I know one has the puppy/kitten bowl, but I'd rather movies.

    Luna Crone

    1. - Eating chips in the living room. lol! Cute. I guess it's the little things that really count.

      - I saw a lot of the commercials on tv last night. They were b-o-r-i-n-g.

      - I feel the same about Lady Gaga. (What a name, huh? I hope she'll be adult about it, but I doubt she will). I'm tired of all these celebs having such huge egos that they feel it's important to shout their brainwashed "opinions" to the world. They automatically assume everyone must agree with them, or they have no respect for others that feel differently. When people go to a concert or football game it should be about entertainment, not the politics of one narcissistic celebrity that THEY are PAYING. And after that stunt Springsteen pulled in Australia... and then some... I will never again listen to "Born in the USA." The man that sings "Born in the USA" has announced he's "ashamed" to be an American. If he's so ashamed perhaps he should leave the country and stop taking kickbacks from that one song.

  2. Speaking of Hallmark Movies...

    Love the interior sets in "Love Locks" movie!!!! Supposed to be an old boutique Paris hotel. !!! Love those interior shots!!!! Steps up and down... Old brick... Fireplaces.... Swooooonnnnn.... :-)

    Glad we saw Paris in 1999. I'd have no wish to go there again, now!!!! Yikes!!!!

    Are you enjoying the Jan./Feb. Hallmark movies????

    Luna Crone

    1. You've peaked my curiosity! I haven't even switched to Hallmark in a while, so I had no clue they were airing Valentine movies. I'll have to start taking a look at them.

  3. KRISTIN...

    My "First Family" blog, continues to grow. The First Lady made her first public appearance at the White House, today/Wed.

    And she wore a lovely white outfit. White again. :-))) I love it!

    Luna Crone


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