Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Day of Two Birthdays

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Today is my nephew and Dad's birthdays! (We seem to share A LOT of birthdays in this family).

It also happens to be Texas Independence Day as well as Sam Houston's Birthday. What an awesome day for two native Texans to be born on!

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Just remembered it's also Dr. Seuss' birthday. Fun!

Today my father turned 69 and my nephew 22. HOW did that happen?

As I always say, no matter his age, in my mind's eye my nephew Luke will always be that sweet little boy singing and dancing in our living room to Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain.

Even today, 22 years later, his spirit is just as sweet.

FYI: The audio and video quality is poor because I re-filmed it, from the tv, with my digital camera on a tripod.

Goodness, how I miss those days!!!!!! They were so MAGICAL. I just wish I got to enjoy them a little bit longer before they moved. To this day I still grieve over that and have this fear that the kids don't remember those days very clearly because they were so young back then. (The thought of that kills me. It's a dagger through the heart).

Well... at least I know and remember, even without all the journals and videos I made of them.

And there were A LOT of those. Good Gracious, with documenting their childhood I think I broke a record or two, or three... or ten. Photobucket

Best thing I ever did.

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  1. So cute! I love how uninhibited little ones are. And turning in circles seems to a universal "loved thing." :-)

    Ahhhhh, but!!! Then the "dreaded" baby sister, got in on the act! "Fiddle-sticks!" So, he tried a hand-stand. And then, on to too a well deserved rest. -grinnnnnn-

    Sorry they are "so far away" now.

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!!!!!! And what a Texan's Day, to be born on!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  2. They always did share the spotlight. lol! They're both stars! (And very much so like twins).

  3. Thanks for stopping by today--and I found you here.
    My 4 youngest grand children are now moved away. I wonder too if they will remember some of the fun times we had together. The youngest one won't, but maybe the others?


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