Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Ramblings

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- Saint Patrick's Day has come and gone.

I loathe alcohol, so I would have loved to at least celebrate my ancestors with a Shamrock Shake, but we only have the one McDonald's and around here they're too 'cheap/country/behind-the-times/stuck in the Neolithic Age' to have machines that serve mochas, cappuccino's, and holiday shakes.

- Thanks to wasting a night of insomnia on Facebook, I learned that my leprechaun name is "Kind McWiggles."

I think I'll stick to "Kristin," thanks. Photobucket

- Mom said she heard tons of adult and baby coyotes the other night, and they were really close to the house. (I've always heard them from far away, so that sounds pretty frightening to me).

- The wasps and yellow jackets are out of control this spring. Even today, I just stepped out the back door and a yellow jacket perched itself on my arm.

- The painting of the house is pretty much done, as well as the cedar wrapped around the columns.

- I fear our beautiful bottle brush tree is officially dead. (Technically, two of them). It was the ONE tree out here actually growing and which was so beautiful and lovely the butterflies would swarm around it all day long.

We had ONE night this winter where it was 17 degrees, and because we've always known bottle brush - and even crape myrtle's - to survive the harshest hot or cold temps... we didn't bother covering them.

We feel so horrible over that.

- Have you ever been bitten by stinging nettles? Well I was last week and it was horrible.

For weeks now, when playing outside with Abby I'd notice her limping out of the blue. I never could find anything wrong, and even when I checked the weeds for any thorns... I found nothing.

Until this week.

I noticed my brother's little dog, "Crunchy," reacting the same as Abby in that same spot. When I checked for thorns again, there was zero doubt.

For two days my hand was pretty much useless. Even though it never swelled, it was not fun because first of all... it itched like the dickens, but thankfully baking soda helped with that. What was so bothersome though was that my hand felt numb. It was such a gross feeling, so I did my best not to use my muscles on that hand at all.

- I went in search of bluebonnets the other day but never found much.

- Abby really had me worried the other night.

All of a sudden she came out from her favored sleeping spot beneath my bed. I found her lying on the floor, on her side, in front of my little stove. She was crying! (Abby never cries).

My first thought was that she was having a seizure. (A long time ago that happened to one of my dogs. I'll never forget that image). Thankfully, she never did have a seizure. I let her lie there for a minute, trying to soothe her. (I cannot believe I was so calm). After a little time passed, I sat her up. After almost a minute passed, she vomited.

I then took her outside, and when I brought her back inside she jumped up on the couch and made a bed for herself. She seemed okay, but she was shaking. I didn't know if she was shivering because she was sick, cold, or because she freaked herself out earlier.

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(The above pic reminds me of Abby and myself cuddling. lol! On nights when Abby needs to cuddle before going to sleep, this is how she does it; like a newborn baby).

I don't know what happened. My GUESS is that perhaps she wasn't feeling well, so she got out from her sleeping spot but her toenail got stuck on a thread on my floor rug. (I am always checking our rugs for things like that). Maybe she was stuck and panicked because she couldn't move?

Again, I don't know. The rest of the night I had her sleeping next to me in the bed. She did fine, and the next morning she was happy and wagging her tail and all smiles. She even got Izzy to play with her.

- When Abby terrified me, and I took her outside for a bit, the sky was GORGEOUS! The moon was full and bright, and I think it was Venus next to it because it was really bright. Straight between them there was a single slash of a billowing cloud going almost straight up and down. It was the only cloud in the sky.

It looked so surreal, but I didn't bother photographing it because I was worried over Abby.

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I just about never got these photos - and the ones up at the top - to post here. I have NO CLUE what the problem was.

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  1. Beautiful!!!!!!

    I don't know what stinging nettles are... If they are a plant, do you dig them up and burn them, maybe...?

    Sorry about your doggie... Who knows what happens to animals? they can't tell us and it is awful... Not knowing. But she certainly had something in her tummy, that needed to come up! Maybe that took care of the issue...

    Your house looks wonderful! Awful job, the painting in that heat, but great that it is done!!!!

    Yes, poor Barron. Junior High age, in the WH. Sigh... Guess it's a good thing he is so tall, and thus, not so likely to get picked on. I hope. The press is never going to change. But schooling is where the real trouble exists, for all kids. Or can.

    I'm sure that Melania is spending hours and hours and hours, on where he will go to Junior HS.

    Luna Crone


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