Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bambi and Company

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I know it's been ages since I last made a post, but I just haven't felt up to it.

Nevertheless, I have TONS of pics and video to share but those in particular I'll share over several posts... eventually. Today, however, I'll be sticking to our most recent happening around here.

But first, a little rambling.
It's been like a fairy tale around here lately!!!! princess photo princess.gif  photo 454657.gif

- The Hummers are everywhere.

- We haven't seen the crows like we used to - ever since we lost our beautiful 60 ft tree - but lately there's this one crow that visits every day. I've heard that if you leave them food in the same spot, eventually they might start bringing you gifts. That sounds like fun, so I've been feeding it every day. (The squirrel is often eating with it).

- The swallows are all over the place right now, but for weeks there have been two in particular that have been EXTREMELY stubborn. They "argue" with me every single day over wanting to build their filthy mud nests on our front porch.

- Abby keeps trying to make friends with the lizards.

- There was a copperhead in the front a few days ago. (Yikes!)

- A few weeks ago, at around midnight, Mom kept hearing a strange sound outside her bedroom window. She looked out and saw an OWL sitting right there, very close to her. (As in really close). She later saw it fly across the yard near the other window, and across the way there were some deer.

She said it all looked so pretty. The owl... deer... a full moon... stars shining in the sky.

- Only last night Mom was speaking on the phone outside when a couple of fireflies flew right next to her. She then looked down at the porch only to see a little rabbit eating grass.

It wasn't skittish of her at all.

- And then this morning my father comes into my room, telling me to look out the window to the front door.

The glass on our door is beveled, so since everything was skewed I initially thought it was another snake all coiled up. Thank goodness it wasn't that. It was a FAWN!!!!

Can you believe it's mother left it on our front porch while she's out eating?!

We've been keeping an eye on it all day. Even as I type, it's still outside. We're starting to worry because if that mother isn't back by dusk that isn't good for the fawn. They have to eat every 10 hours.

FYI: It really is true that fawns are incredibly trusting of humans. They say you have to be careful not to allow them to bond with you. It can happen very quickly.

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Click HERE for larger photos!

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Here are the videos I've taken of the fawn so far.

I REALLY hope it's Mama comes back soon. We've been watching it like a hawk because a few times it's gone near the road and we get 18-wheelers on this road all the time and they speed like mad.

 photo 560.png

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- The pic above is a smaller-sized version of the 'card' I made for my sister-in-law on her birthday a few weeks ago. (It's of her dogs of course).

- Tomorrow is not only Mother's Day, but also my birthday.

 photo unbirthday.jpg

I HATE birthdays. I always say the only good thing about my birthday is that I share it with the plaided one himself, George Lucas. Lol!

But I do like when it falls on Mother's Day. This is the third time that's happened.



  1. Happy Birthday!

    It has been 'Living In A Faerie Tale', around your house.

    But!!!! What happened to the faun????????????????????????????

  2. What a beautiful post! That little fawn is amazing. I can't believe he was there all day. It really is hard to leave the babies alone and not touch them. They are so pretty. We have been hearing a mocking bird lately, singing it's heart out. I love to hear them.

  3. Me again...the videos are amazing! I sure hope the baby deer's mother came back.

  4. Mama Doe returned to pick up her kid, but not before frantically running back and forth in the neighbor's pasture an hour before.... (and not once calling out to the baby).... and then disappearing into the woods again. She then FINALLY came to our house at dusk, but before getting her kid decided to eat ALL THE ROSES on our brand new baby rose bush. (Roses are like Pringles to deer. They can't eat just one).

  5. Dare I say.....?

    Mama deer, are as clueless, as Mama bunnies!

    Sure glad she finally got her faun. But hope it survives, with "Dumb Dumb Mama" in charge.


    Luna Crone


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