Friday, May 26, 2017

Missing The Mouse

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My mother and I have been having bouts of, shall we say.... Disney Depression lately. To soothe the Disney Doldrums we've been watching other people's Disney videos on YouTube, as well as our own Disney vacation videos.

We even broke down and did what every die hard Disney fan does when their vacation is over and they just can't cope with returning to normal, un-magical reality.

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No, we aren't planning our next trip. (Our last trip was November 2014). What we did do was order Dole Whip Mix online so that we could make our very own Pineapple Dole Whips and Pineapple Floats! (Just like they have in Adventureland at Aloha Isle).

The texture of the tasty ice cream treat isn't soft serve like it is in The Magic Kingdom, but it tastes exactly the same.

Exactly!  photo mk.gif

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We finally got an outdoor couch for our back patio/deck, and one of the pillows that we got for it reminds us of the Tiki Birds from Adventureland, so... color us happy about that! We've been wanting to add subtle touches of Disney to the outdoor gardens and such here at our house, so that was a good start.

It's nice being able to enjoy a homemade Dole Whip out there with the imaginary Tiki Birds.

 photo 300 tiki.jpg

I actually do something similar at home with my old refillable Disney mug. When missing WDW I drink hot chocolate from it, just as I always do at The Wilderness Lodge after a busy day at the parks.

I swear hot chocolate tastes better in a Disney mug. It must be the pixie dust!  photo tink.gif

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(Artwork: Thomas Kinkade)

My favorite Disney movie of all time is the animated feature Beauty and the Beast. The live action film for it has been out for a while now and I've been hearing either high praise for it.... or a lot of complaining.

The complaints seem to stem from the view that it's very politically correct. Belle is a liberal feminist, the writers changed the sexual orientation and personality of LeFou, The Beast is CGI, and the movie is riddled with historical inaccuracies. (I'm just glad I've been forewarned. Even if the movie is horrible, the cinematography looks gorgeous).

So during a night of insomnia I decided to look up the song, "Evermore," that everyone seems to be talking about.  photo beast.gif

I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was really pretty. (THANK GOODNESS they made Dan Steven's voice deep for the character of The Beast). The lyrics are pretty generic and not much to write home about, but I can forgive that because it sounds so pretty.

I listened to a couple more songs from the movie, too. The woman that does the singing for The Wardrobe has a gorgeous voice! You can tell she must be a trained professional.

I wonder why they didn't make her the voice of Mrs. Pott's instead?

 photo 535.png

What else do you also do when you're homesick for Walt Disney World?

You frame your Disney Trading Pins!!!!  photo fan.gif

 photo pins 2.jpg

I actually have a few more that aren't in the frame yet. (They're my mother's Pirate's of the Caribbean pin - with an original piece of the ride encased on it - and then two cute Chip and Dale pins).

I need to find a large piece of cork to replace what I have, but for now I'm using really thick poster board.

The downside to the material is not being able to rearrange the pins and make room for more, but it'll do for now.

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As I stated earlier, I've been perusing Disney World vacation videos lately. While it's been fun, it's also been an eye-opener in that there are A LOT of vloggers out there that are really self-centered. It's like they see themselves as a reality tv star.  photo 34_zpsd8619e6f.gif

I did manage to watch a lot of one young couple's Disney videos. They were pretty good, but the wife in the videos was so annoying at times. She would fake cry at certain Disney attractions and fireworks, and she was a-l-w-a-y-s doing baby talk.

Her husband seemed like such a sweet person, and I could tell that she was too, but the phony tears and talking like a kid was really distracting from what were actually some really nicely done videos.

But some of these other Disney vloggers.....

I couldn't watch more than even a few seconds of some of the most popular ones. (Having hundreds, or even thousands of subscribers does not mean you're a rare talent).

There's this one guy that has the grossest, most idiotic mustache you've ever seen in your lifetime. (It's greased up and curls at the end. It's the Pringles mascot come to life, or as I call him... Disney Luigi). Then there's this other guy that is just goofy. His ammo to garner viewership is to speak like an idiot and always have a goofy grin on his face.

Again, he's probably a nice guy but why do these people feel like they have to make themselves a sideshow in order to be successful? If I saw Disney Luigi/Disney Pringles Guy or Ding-Dong Boy in a supermarket, I'd exit the premises.

I'm trying really hard to look past the visuals here. I must just be getting really old because I honestly don't get it. I guess it's my age. We didn't get our first computer until I entered college, and even then we didn't really have the internet and when we did it was dial-up. (You could never use it at night because the screeching it made when logging in could break the sound barrier, not to mention the entire household). But the younger folks grew up with internet and camera phones and texting and chat rooms, so online communication for them takes precedence over... well, reality and conversing with people in the flesh. "Vlogging" as they call it is just one part of that.

Of course, a lot of the older generations do that too but I think for the most part those folks are just attention seekers or looking to improve their self-esteem through the internet. I don't think they're all like that when it comes to the Disney Parks vloggers, because there is true passion and interest in Disney there, but still.... most of them seem like attention seekers just wanting to get thousands of subscribers and all the benefits that come with that.

Which is fine, but in the end it just seems too superficial to me and I prefer honesty and humility. I cannot stand fakeness, and really.... I couldn't care less what you had for lunch or the name brands of what you're wearing. You lost me at Neiman Marcus and Calvin Klein.

Booooring.  photo dry_zps3e4b6119.png

Sorry for rambling about such a minuscule thing. It just bugs me that I have to weed through so many superficial vlogs in order to find the genuine article.

And FYI: I've watched at least 3 Disney World vloggers from the UK. I was enjoying their videos UNTIL they decided to pop in some politics.

 photo groan.gif

I'm sorry, but if you aren't a citizen of this country you have no idea what's really going on and you haven't done the in-depth, exhaustive research that others have. (For example, I would never publicly comment on Brexit). It's best you stick to your own country's politics and leave ours alone.

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Disney World retired their 'Wishes' Fireworks Show a couple weeks ago.

(I LOVE the end of the video because the crowd is literally saying goodbye to the show, and honoring their memories of it, by singing the song).

I've never seen this show in person. While I was there during their Christmas season in 2014, I didn't see the show because the prime viewing spots were too crowded and I chose a terrible spot to watch it from that was less crowded.

I was okay with that though because we got to sit down. By that time my back was spasm-ing, I was soooo exhausted, and was getting sick again. (During every Disney World trip, on around the 3rd day I get a horrible cough and laryngitis. I think I catch it on the germy plane).

But 'Wishes' I've never seen in person. I just never was really gung-ho about it because 1). Nothing beats their Halloween Fireworks at MNSSHP, and 2). The song they used in the show had a little girl singing.

A major pet peeve of mine is hearing some random little child singing like they're supposed to be compared to an angel. I just can't stand the deliberate phony-baloney, saccharine sweet singing of a kid I don't even know.

Yes, I know that makes me sound like a monster but it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

As is when they have a choir of unknown kids singing hit pop songs on a cd. (WHY would anyone listen to that? If you want to hear 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson, why don't you just listen to 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson?)

So 'Wishes' has now been replaced with the upgraded 'Happily Ever After.'

I gotta admit that visually, it's really stunning. Emotionally however.... it's pretty blah.

It just doesn't evoke that Disney Magic to me. I cannot stand the music. (The very end most especially sounds like church. Nothing wrong with that, but come on... it's DISNEY WORLD for cripe's sake!)

The Disney classics were even overlooked.

 photo goof.png
While I do appreciate that this show stopped ramming 'Frozen' down our collective throats for a change... (while I do love the movie and can really relate to Elsa, Disney did oversell it)... the classics really need to be included. I couldn't care less about Cars, The Incredibles, and whatever the heck a couple of the other characters were.

Not every Disney fan is a tween or millennial that grew up watching Hannah Montana. (By the way, on at least two of our trips to Disney World Hannah Montana was all over the place. It was nauseating).

I was most disappointed over Beauty and the Beast not being included. (If it was, I must have blinked and missed it. I've already watched it twice, on our big screen tv, to make sure I didn't just miss it). I mean, what's Disney without B&B?!

And while I'm not a fan of Hercules or Hunchback of Notre Dame, I am glad for those people that are. Those two movies really have been overlooked over the years, so I don't begrudge their presence in the new show.

At least their original OUAT projection show included B&B quite a bit.

I never even knew about it until recently, and I'm sure they'll retire it eventually, but such is life.

I only hope they don't screw up the Halloween Fireworks. The fireworks at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

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Unbeknownst to me, around two years ago Disney FINALLY added an interactive queue to one of my favorite of the classic rides, Peter Pan! They did the best job with it. Truly, it's my favorite line to a Disney ride now and I still haven't seen it in person. IT IS THAT GOOD!!!!

I just saw another video where it shows that when people clap in this one hallway, you get covered with pixie dust. How adorable!!!!! How magical!!!!!

The first two videos are of the interactive queue.

In the second video, the section with Peter Pan begins at around the 4:50 mark. I HIGHLY recommend skipping to that part, else the lady's voice in this video will make you want to toss a baby bottle or pacifier in her face.

The third video is of the actual ride.

Well.... I have several days worth of pics and vids to share going back to March or April. I'll get around to part 1 of them eventually, and I am still editing them.

I really think I'm pretty much done with photos and video. I'm definitely going to be using the camera a lot less.

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  1. When you get nostalgic, you get nostalgic!!!!!

    Watching those vlogs, you had to be desperate. Or so says me. Guess you can tell, I'm not a fan of vlogs. ,-)

    We only went to Disney once. After our kids were grown up. lol.

    Dare I say here..... That I am getting interested in the new (not Disney) Pandora? Or will you tar-and-feather me, for putting this,in a post about Disney???? >,-)

    Not that we ever really go anywhere... But.... Just to dream... About going....

    Have a nice quiet Memorial Day Weekend....

    At least, that sounds like the best kind, to me.

    Luna Crone

  2. Actually, Pandora is Disney. lol! It's just opened in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

    I'm not really an Avatar fan... (my aunt is c-r-a-z-y in love with it)... but I have to say that Disney did a beautiful job with it. They even have the cast members working there speaking the language in certain areas!

    It looks really, really pretty at night most especially. The boat ride for it that's been open for a while now is also really well done.


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